Why Choose Rhino Linings?

Updated: Oct 22

other Nature can be pretty tough on your ute but there’s something even TOUGHER to protect it!

What hardcore outdoorsy Aussie doesn’t love Mother Nature’s wild and unpredictable surprises? Well, it’s definitely a tough kind of love especially when it comes to your trusty ute. Defend your ride with with something even tougher-Rhino Linings!

Aussie-made Rhino Linings products have more than 25 years of experience in spray-on automotive and watercraft (and even military vehicle) protection. Beyond that, they’re used for a whole range of commercial and industrial uses such as mining sites. They’ve got over a thousand customers worldwide, more than 50 applicators Australia-wide and are considered the nation’s #1 ute liner. That’s a lot to flex!

Rhino linings’ Tuff Stuff Polyurethane does all the heaving lifting while looking incredibly seamless too (drill holes and air gaps who?) as they follow every curve of your tray, bumper, mudguard, and grille. And because they fit like a glove, you won’t lose any space. They come in either 7 standard colours or custom colours with added UV protection so they stay vibrant and shiny. Beauty and brawn? Check! The linings are professionally applied and are made to last with a nationwide lifetime warranty.

Highly impact resistant and watertight, Rhino Linings were designed to take a beating. Dings, dents, scratches, scrapes, all daily wear and tear got nothing on Rhino Linings.

For protection that never backs down, don’t settle for any other tough (or tough-sounding) animal. Rhino Linings will outperform and outlast them all!

Combination is recommended for utes to be fitted with canopies and for and loading over the tail gate will occur.