3 Secret Tips To Maximise Your Car Sales

Updated: Nov 8

Accounting for about $45 million in car sales each year, the used car market grows with each shiny new car delivered to dealership lots. Those dealerships know individuals are intimidated by selling their car privately, so they eagerly buy cars cheaply and sell them for a handsome profit. After all the time spent taking care of your vehicle, you’re entitled to obtain the fairest price. Following these tips, you’ll have no need for the used car salesman.

Tip 1: Know How To Properly Appraise Your Car

Knowing how to properly appraise your car will ensure that you receive top dollar for the value of your used car. A proper appraisal will allow you to sell with confidence and avoid unnecessary discounts. In addition it equips you with a useful guideline of how much to spend on your vehicle to maximize its value.

Great resource websites

They are all great websites to get a feel for what the market is offering but I’d highly recommend redbook.com.au for getting a really good picture of pricing for your specific make and model as it has really detailed pricing summary, the average kilometres for that year model, dealer pricing and much more.

The 5 questions to ask yourself when appraising your car

  1. What is the exterior condition?