6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Repairer

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Here are 6 things you want to consider when choosing a repairer:

  1. Read the repairer’s estimate (see our guide to understanding autobody repair estimates) and find out what repair method they are going use. Not all repair methods are made equal. If the repairer values you as a customer they will explain the pros and cons of each repair method. All major repairs should have an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) approved repair methods for the safest and best quality outcome.

  2. Ask for referrals or read reviews. With the wealth of information available online today, it always pays to look at the experiences of others.

  3. Communicate with your repairer. If your repairer is transparent and communicates effectively and consistently, then that’s a good sign. If they show genuine concern for you and not just your car, then they’re a keeper.

  4. All reputable repairers take ownership of their work and guarantee their repairs. Ask about warranties and find out what their process is around it.

  5. Look at the presentation of their workshop. A clean and organised workshop often means a clean an organised job. The presentation of a workshop often a good reflection of the companies attitudes and culture.

  6. Trust your gut. If you’ve ticked off all the boxes from a technical perspective, go with your intuition and trust your feelings. If they feel just about right, then go for it.

If you’ve chosen the Choice of Repairer route, the next step is choosing your repairer. With so many options in the market, it can be an overwhelming task! When choosing a repairer, consider the one will best fit your needs.

Free choice is always a good thing but making the best choice isn't the easiest. The smart way to go about it is making an informed decision and listening to your intuition. Knowing specifics, understanding processes and methods, as well as getting other people's opinions and advice are all important things to consider when making your choice.
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